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Month: August 2015

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THE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE THING Yes Monster Fans, it’s that time of the year again. Time to hunker down in front of your electric heater or throw another log on the fire. winter time IS COMING in a majority of the English speaking world. That means ankle deep snow, freezing cold and winter jackets. But for a monster fan, the freezing cold background […]

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THEM, Was probably the best known atomic age gigantic monster movies second only Godzilla. (at least in the authors opinion). Made in 1954 the black and white science fiction film […]

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Insect Monster Movies, Godzilla 2014 by Gene Stevens

I was cruising the Monster-Net this morning and I ran into an IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) posting about “insect related monster movies”. IMDB Insect Monster Movie List The Insect monster movie genre dominated the 1950’s period in horror and movie such as “THEM” , The Monster that Challenged the World and “The Fly” became the Go-to-scare-me movies on the mid 20th […]