Pull your mauve colored easy chairs and pop some warm and buttery popcorn because the TV (internet) has a new Horror…. Host Bobby Gammonster. I asked Bobby to write his own story for the Monsters After Midnight Blog. You can find Bobby on facebook and at his website http://monstermovienight.com Bobby also is now feaured on ROKU.

Bobby Gammonster Host of Monster Movie Night
My name is Bobby Gammonster, I am now a Internet Horror Host of a show called Monster Movie NIght. The show is filmed in my very real home ,Gargoyle Manor-The Monster Museum, which I opened in 1988 to the public as a monster museum showcasing my now over 50 year collection of artifacts and memorabilia of monster,Halloween,Sci-Fi, Fanntasy and magick of fiction,fact and folklore genres. Our home has 10 rooms. Our bedroom consists of two large coffins for our beds. We drive for our family car a 1996 Caddy Hearse. My wife and I married on Oct 31 2003. We own and operate a small store called Gothic Charms that is next to our home /museum where we sell Halloween and Magickal items. I use my collection as “props” on my shows to accent the films I use from Public Domain files. I love monsters and live the lifestyle of the Munster and Addams family style monster. Yes our real and legal name is Gammonster. My side kick is Boris T . Buzzard (dont tell him ,but he is a puppet) that is mostly a silent partner with big attitude. I am also a ventriloquist, monster make-up artist and mask maker. I was once a party clown. My show can be seen on my website, http://www.monstermovienight, which my wife Melissa made and maintains for me, as she does computer website designs. My show is now in it’s 8th season and has over 150 episodes. I have had many guest horror hosts both new and older generations, such as Danvers of Demented Features , Vincent Grimmly of Night Chills theater to A.Ghastlee Ghoul,Dr. Paul BearerII and the famous Count Gore DeVol, just to name a few. I love being a Horror Host, the internet has made a child hood monster dream come true for me.

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