He’s All Wrapped Up…. It BE the Mummy by Gene Stevens Monsters After Midnight

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The Mummy rates #1 on the Monster Kid Scale!



Photo and movie link courtesy of Daniel White

Monsters Fan Homemade Mummy Movie!


It was Back in the 70’s (the 1970’s) when I first saw the movie “The Mummy” and the later Universal Movies Mummy franchise. Most of Universal Monsters movies we saw back in those days were run on WGN TV on their weekly horror show “Creature Features” I was a huge fan of Creature Features and a huge fan of the Universal Monsters. The Mummy ranked pretty high on my Mthe-mummys-ghost-lon-chaney-jr-1944-everettonster Kids Scale (#1).  The Mummy (1932) featured a very tortured soul that was played by Boris Karloff. His Mummy character Imhotep (The Mummy) was discovered with all of his vicera (insides) in tact and the archaeologists who dug him up figured that this mummy was being punished for some kind of sacrilege. Which eventually turns out to be true. My all time favorite of all the Mummy movies was The Mummy’s Ghost” with one of my fav actors John Carradine, who plays suave and charming high priest who attempts to guide and control the Mummy “Kharis” who is kept alive by drinking a potion made from Tana Leaves.




1932 The Mummy Boris Karloff
1940 The Mummy’s Hand Tom Tyler
1942 The Mummy’s Tomb Lon Chaney Jr.
1944 The Mummy’s Ghost
The Mummy’s Curse




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