Godzilla Makes Life Magazine

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Slight spoiler alert.. A few photos attached. But I will refrain from saying much more, because this is an AWESOME ISSUE OF LIFE! And I’m not just saying that. This issue is a collectors grade item!

I was shopping in the local Hyvee food store here in Iowa when I suddenly discovered that Godzilla was on the front cover of LIFE Magazine.. I immediately stopped in my tracks and picked it up and began flipping through the pages.

I was stunned by the attention to detail and the great effort put into this issue of LIFE. My hat is off to LIFE Magazine. They did a great job in fairly covering our favorite KING OF MONSTERS.  The issue pays tribute to the BIG GUY going all the way back to the first Godzilla Movie and up until present day. Again… I won’t spoil it with too many details. Because I think the issue is worth owning. It was priced at $17.99. But well worth the money!


The front cover (above) is an immediate eye catcher!


LIFE Pays tribute to the early days…

Entertainment Earth


For those who love lobby cards.. This is the back page. WELL DONE!


A little humor added as the BIG GUY appears with the late Gilda Radner.. I found this VERY nostalgic as it took me back to a day when SNL was truly funny. I miss those days.


The inside back page (above) is covered with green GODZILLA SKIN!