FB_IMG_1561692963576They are big, scaly and have remarkably raspy voices. They also hang out on the top of old buildings.. Yes it’s the GARGOYLES!

Gargoyles is (was) a made for TV Monster movie that became a “kinda cult classic. ” Made in 1972, Gargoyles only appeared on television a handful of times. Gargoyles has been described as campy and dark (As in “filmed on a dark” movie set) and apparently failed to receive the good reviews. But considering that the fact that the 1970’s was the era of cheaply made movies. Gargoyles (at least in the Authors opinion) was a much better produced movie than most other made for TV movies of the day. And trust me …. There were some REAL stinkers.

But despite my preference for scaly Gargoyle like monsters.. Gargoyle’s failed to make IMDB list of top 50 Made for TV Horror/Suspense Movies… Is that possible?


From Rotten Tomatoes

Incorporating themes from horror films of both the ’50s and the ’70s, this suspenseful TV movie stars Cornel Wilde and Jennifer Salt as an archaeologist and his daughter, who discover a strange skull on display at a roadside tourist trap. After the museum owner is killed during an attack from an unseen foe, the pair are subsequently pursued across the American Southwest by a tribe of humanoid creatures that bear a striking resemblance to the gargoyles of myth, leading to a manic game of cat-and-mouse across the desert. This enjoyably spooky film essentially riffs on this one-note premise for over 70 minutes — sort of an inversion of Night of the Living Dead’s claustrophobic scenario — and fortunately comes off quite well thanks to superb use of the desert locations, an eerie score, uniformly good performances, and Emmy award-winning monster costumes from Stan Winston. A young Scott Glenn appears as a roguish biker who throws in with the good guys after taking a shine to the professor’s daughter.




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