Remembering Bradford Dillman



By Gene Stevens

Monsters After Midnight




Sometimes, social media is just awesome. I’ve met some really amazing people online, from Artists, Writers, celebrities and more.  And the internet never stops giving. I even met my wife Vicki online. Then just yesterday evening I happened to have run into the daughter of Bradford Dillman.  For those of you who don’t know Bradford. He was a very busy actor and one of the most prominent faces on film and TV during the 1960s’ and 1970’s and his career stretched beyond that time period. He also starred in many horror and suspense movies / series such as Rod Serlings “Night Gallery” and the Mephisto Waltz and Escape from the planet of the Apes.  Bradford’s daughter Dina Dillman Kaufman has now written a book about her Dad called “I am Somebody” Which his her personal Tribute to her Father. She told me that her Dad had played heavy Characters in his film career, but she wants the world to know about the real man who was Bradford Dillman.

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