Inspired by Universal Monsters; Attack of the Cat People!

Attack of the Cat People ; By Gene Stevens

cat people

It’s great to be a monster movie writer. I get to meet the most interesting people online and in person.  So once again, there I was minding my own business on a dark street corner….  Just kidding I was online. When I got a message from a writer and producer with Black Cat Film Productions, Sarah Stephenson. She is from the land down under in Queensland Australia where Black Cat Film Productiond is located.  Sarah sent me a link to the trailer for Black Cat’s new indie film “Attack of The Cat People”.

 Cast and crew during the filming of Attack of The Cat People, Photo courtesy of Black Cat Studios.

At first I thought Attack of the Cat People was based upon RKOs noir movie “The Cat People”. But Sarah explained that it was actually an original film inspired by the Universal Studios early horror movies. Sarah told me that Attack of the Cat People was written and filmed to reflect the style of the old universal films. I immediately asked her if I could share Black Cat’s new project here. Check out the trailer posted here. It’s filmed in noir style and costuming appears to be well researched for the 1940’s.


June 27, 2019
This year Black Cat Film Productions is back and ready to work on their next film project. ‘For all those whom love old noir film plots and wish to relive the old days’ Sarah Stephenson says, ‘It will send you on a long journey into the past this film here’. Last year Black Cat Film Productions completed and released awarded winning web series called ‘Mia Morris’ Diary’. A modern retelling of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. This year they’re creating a Universal Monster Classical tribute film called ‘Attack of the Cat People’. It’s about a group of Scientists discovered the remains of a Meteorite floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Little do they know they are not alone? Watch as our heroes try to escape their worst nightmare in ‘ATTACK OF THE CAT PEOPLE’.
We are looking for pledges to further fund us. If you wish to pledge money to assist in the funding of this production please use the link below.–2#/
We would be most grateful for your support. In return for you assisting us you will receive a Digital Download copy of our Film or an Autographed Poster.
All funds raised will go towards production costs, including necessary props andcostumes, food, post production materials and marketing such as posters &postcards. For all information on Black Cat Film Productions, including their previous work, links to their social media pages and members biographies, visit:
You can find out more about our film here:
Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Tumblr –

Black Cat Studio has also produced other films including Mia Morris’ Diary, which is based on Bram Stokers’ Dracula.

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