Who was the Better Monster?


I recently asked the question about who the Better Frankenstein’s Monster was. I put the poll out there to see what our audience felt.

I actually expected the results of the poll to favor Boris Karloff over Glenn Strange. Even though Glenn Strange appeared in many of the later universal movies featuring the monster and Glenn’s image also dominated the publics image of the monster during the 1960s

In particularly Glenn’s image is strongly reflected in the Aurora models Frankenstein figure.

But judging by the poll. And as was expected, Karloff was considered the Better of the two. And it’s probably a foregone conclusion that Karloff would be considered far better and more recognizable as the monster above and beyond any other actor who had played the part.





One thought on “Who was the Better Monster?

  1. I also liked Boris Karloff better as Frankenstein’s monster. These movies are classics and for the most part I like them better than the more recent horror flicks.


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