Movie of the Week: The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (1962)

Classic Horrors

Written by Joseph Green
Directed by Joseph Green
Starring PJason Evers, Virginia Leith, Anthony La Penna, Adele Lamont
Released August 10, 1962
RT 852min.
Home Video Shout! Factory (Blu-ray)
Classic Horrors rating = 6 (out of 10)


Despite its reputation, it has taken me many years to finally watch The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962).  In spite of its reputation, I really enjoyed it.  It’s not exactly an action-packed thrill ride, but if it were less talky, we might not hear such wisdom as, “The paths of experimentation twist and turn through mountains of miscalculations and often lose themselves in error and darkness!”

That’s from Kurt (Anthony La Penna), whom I guess you’d call the assistant of Dr. Bill Cortner (Jason Evers).  He runs the country branch of Cortner’s lab during the week when Cortner works his day job in the city, being scolded by his father that “an operating…

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