Movie of the Week: The Werewolf (1956)

Classic Horrors

Written by Robert E. Kent, James B. Gordon
Directed by Fred F. Sears
Starring Don Megowan, Joyce Holden, Eleanore Tanin, Kim Charney, Harry Lauter, S. John Launer, George Lynn, Steven Ritch
Released June 13, 1956
RT 79 min.
Home Video Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Classic Horrors rating = 6 (out of 10)


In The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies (Woodbury Press, 1984), Phil Hardy bestows great historical significance upon The Werewolf (1956), a seemingly insignificant movie. “…in the development of the Science Fiction and horror genres. It marks precisely the point at which horror, which had been a dormant genre in the early fifties, began to take over from Science Fiction.”

He continues, “This trend was confirmed within a year when, in the wake of the sale of the Universal Frankenstein films to American TV and the success of British Hammer’s romantic/gothic versions of Dracula (1957) and Frankenstein… producers started…

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