2020 Rondo Awards!


The 2020 Rondo Awards are just around the corner. The Rondo’s are named after actor Rondo Hatton, who played tall, dark, quiet and scary characters. But in real life, he was a gentle giant of a man.

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The Rondo’s honor Rondo Hatton.

The Rondo’s honor people who work to keep the classic and current horror genre alive.

The Rondo’s give out awards in many categories. The following is from the Classic Horror Film Board at


You can go to the CHFB and place your nominations there, or wait for the official ballot to come out next month. We hope that you will consider voting for Monsters After Midnight. But we know that it’s a hard choice, because there are so many cool websites and blogs out there.

Thanks Gene Stevens

Editor of Monsters After Midnight

Hello everyone!

Voting for the (Gasp!) 18th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards will begin in February 2020.

Here’s where you can suggest nominees. Not everything posted here will make the ballot, but here’s where you can let us know what you think is deserving of a look. The actual ballot will be drawn from what we see here, what info is emailed to us at taraco@aol.com, and what is the best of genre work in 2019.

trishrondo.jpeg (24.31KiB)

Producer Trish Geiger with Rondo.

Reminder: Despite the explosion in horror as an industry, the Rondo’s remain, at heart, about classic horror content. We do recognize contemporary horror and Sci-Fi in our Best Films, Best TV and a few other categories.

To recap:

— What is eligible for a Rondo?
Any work released in 2019. In some cases, work released very late in 2018 can be considered. Remember that except for Best Film and Best TV,  ‘classic horror’ is the guiding principle.

— What are the categories?
The categories sometimes change depending on the year, but they include Best Film, Best TV, Best DVD/BluRay, Best Restoration, Best Commentaries, Best Special Features, Best Independent Film, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Book (non-fiction, although fiction that centers on classic monsters can be considered), Best Magazine, Best Article, Best Interview, Best Column, Best Magazine Cover, Best Website, Best Multi-Media site (podcasts etc),  Best Event, Best Convention, Favorite Horror Host, Best Horror Comic, Best CD, Best Toy/Collectible.

There are also write-in categories: Best Fan Artist, Best Artist, Best Writer, maybe others depending on input.
Several other write-in categories — Monster Kid of the Year and Monster Kid Hall of Fame — are awarded based on votes and judgment of Rondo organizers.

— How do I suggest that something be nominated for a Rondo?
Two ways: You can 1) post about it here, OR 2) send an email about it to me, David Colton, at taraco@aol.com. The final ballot will be drawn from the best and most popular suggestions.

— When will actual voting begin?
After reviewing all suggestions and other input, we are aiming for releasing the final ballot and starting email voting the night of February 2 (after the Super Bowl), until Sunday night March 29.

That’s it. Again, post here your suggestions for worthy nominees. And thanks as always!

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