2nd Annual Classic Monster Awards 2020

Greetings classic monster fans and monster kids all over the world. HAPPY HALLOWEEN Last years Monsters After Midnight presented the very first Classic Monster Awards. The awards were created to honor those classic monster fans who keep the genre alive and breathing. Last year we gave three awards in three different categories. They were for best artist, best podcast and best article. This year we decided to give out only one award to a monster kid whose talents and dedication to the genre cover all three of those categories. This year’s award gores to (pun intended) monster kid Warner Todd Huston.

Warner is from northern Illinois and probably one of horror host Svengoolies greatest fans. A few years ago, Warner took to social media and created the Svengoolie Fans Svengoolians Facebook page which has thousands of members. There are other Sven fan pages out there, but Warner adds a special touch to the SFS page by running commentary during Sven’s Saturday night appearances. Warner also creates online fan art. In which he showcases before the show, incorporating Sven into classic monster movie posters.

Warner is also a prolific writer and has a huge collection of classic monster related collectables. He has had his work and pictures featured on Svengoolie and works hard to keep the genre alive. CONGRATS Warner!

Svenivized Posters

One thought on “2nd Annual Classic Monster Awards 2020

  1. Wow, I am shocked with this great award! Thanks for the recognition, but of course I am just a kid at heart. Though, my wife would love it if I finally grew up! LOL. All you folks out there monster on, and be sure and tune into MeTV every Saturday night for Svengoolie. And keep pace with the show on our “Svengoolie Fans Svengooliegans” Facebook page!


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