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We had a few other milestones as well. In 2019 we made the top 100 list of horror blogs and we have been ranked at #36 for many months. We also created our own Classic Monster Awards. Last year we gave away three Monsters After Midnight Classic Monsters Awards in three different categories and we gave one away this years to an awesome monster kid.

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 Creepy Classics & Monster Bash News!BoredKidWhen We Had Free TimeIt’s kinda weird to reminisce about this….but it’s something that has actually become nostalgic to me. Strangely and sadly.When I was a kid there were times I was bored….even into my first few years out of school. Mom would drag me shopping, or I would be at a friend of my parent’s house. After school with no homework. Cartoons over on a Saturday and just walking around the neighborhood wondering if other kids might come out.There was a solution for this and it often came to the rescue. Comic books, monster magazines and, sometimes, an old movie on TV. Heaven forbid none of those would be available. We didn’t have cell phones with the stuff we like at our fingertips.There were many times, Mom would run into the grocery store and I’d ask if I could “stay in the car.” The reason would be that I had an old copy of FAMOUS MONSTERS that I had taken with me, or a FANTASTIC FOUR comic book that I would be happy to re-read. If I didn’t have reading material, I might go in and “B-Line” for the magazine rack…usually no FAMOUS MONSTERS or comic books in the grocery store…maybe a MAD or CRACKED magazine to look at. Or, I’d just have to walk the aisles searching for any monster or superhero on a food product.Simpler times. Times you could actually get bored with nothing to do. Times when books and imagination would come to the rescue. Boy, I sure wish I had time to get bored now.Ron Adams
November 2020
Ligonier, PAOn with the show, now let’s check out the new cool stuff and classic monster news…FM83FM81bNew! FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND Back IssuesGet these beautiful, like new, back issues of the classic monster movie magazine FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND in our, chill your spine, on-line Creepy Magazine Newsstand:FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #63 – Magazine
The classic monster movie magazine from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman. Like new, appears unread in condition, only tiny dog ear crease on cover. Inside: The Fiendish Hands of Orlac with Peter Lorre – MAD LOVE, Christopher Lee and Other Frightening Faces, Rare Karloff Make-Up!FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #65 – Magazine
The classic monster movie magazine from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman! This issue is like new, unread condition. Inside: The Man Who Made THE MUMMY, THE SEVEN FACES OF DR. LAO, Boris Karloff in THE MASK OF FU MANCHU, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, Giant Beasts and more!FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #66 – Magazine
The classic monster magazine from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman. Like new, fresh off the newsstand! Inside this issue: The Boris Karloff Classic – THE OLD DARK HOUSE, William Castle Films, Bela Lugosi, You Axed For It!, THE LEECH WOMAN and more!FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #67 – Magazine
The classic monster movie magazine from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman! Like new! Fresh and right of the newsstand back from 1970. Inside this issue: Witches and Witchcraft Movies. Lon Chaney Jr. in WITCHCRAFT, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in THE BLACK CAT, Glenn Strange, You Axed For It!FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #81 – Magazine
The classic monster movie magazine from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman. Like new, fresh! Beautiful condition. Inside this great issue: ISLAND OF LOST SOULS with Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, Acquanetta…the Ape Woman in CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN!FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #82 – Magazine
The classic monster movie magazine from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman! Like new, beautiful condition. In this 1971 edition: HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS with Barnabas Collins, Disney Land’s House of Horrors, THE MUMMY’S TOMB, Girls and Ghouls Feature and more.FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #83 – Magazine
The classic monster movie magazine from James Warren and Forrest J Ackerman! Beautiful, unread, like new condition. Inside this issue: THE MUMMY’S TOMB with Lon Chaney Jr., THE RAVEN with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, All the Film Hunchbacks of Notre Dame, WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH…Get these great issues and many more classic FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazines in our FAMOUS MONSTERS Department at Creepy Classics.New! 11X17 Poster Reproduction in Protective Acrylic Slip SleevesA handful of film posters have been added to the reproduction selections at Creepy Classics! They’ll look great in your movie viewing room…giving that feel of the theater when those films were just released.See the above selection in our Creepy Classics Poster Reproduction Department right now…and many more!AtomAgeVampireAtomAgeVampireRe-Stocked! Hard-To-Find Horrors on DVDWe just re-stocked scores of hard-to-find-horrors on DVD for your collection or..getting a jump on the holiday shopping for your fellow monster fan friends. Here are just a few of the cool titles, factory sealed and ready to ship to you:ATOM AGE VAMPIRE (1960) – DVD
Italian vampire flick with a doctor looking for blood from young woman….and turning into something quite hideous. Similar, in a way, to 1957’s THE VAMPIRE with John Beal. Cool photography and a neat opening cartoon credit with a bat!VOYAGE TO THE PREHISTORIC PLANET (1965) – DVD
Soviet sci-fi with American segments tying it together. The American segments include sci-fi 50’s queen Faith Domergue and Basil Rathbone. A ship lands on Venus and it’s full of dinosaurs and a mysterious siren. Some of the dinosaur puppet effects are pretty good.TRAUMA (1962) – DVD
Stars Lynn Bari, John Conte and Lorri Richards. A moody dark mystery of a isolated family estate and a psychotic murderer at large. A real rarity in the tradition of DEMENTIA 13.Get them, and hundreds of others in our Complete DVD Catalog here at Creepy Classics.Imp2New! Super Rare Fanzines from the 1940s-1960sThese amazing and rare fan publications are available now in our Miscellaneous Magazine Department:IMP POCKET FANZINE #2 – Fanzine
Ultra rare! A 1964 fanzine produced by Robert Bell and produced in New York. A small pocket fanzine of science fiction and horror stories with illustrations. Typical page tanning, otherwise complete with only slight wear. 24 pages. In this issue: “And Time Went MAD,” “The Poe Lover.”CINE WORLD (1968) Vol. 3 No. 1
A digest size Canadian movie magazine from 1968. A 30 page small gloss paper magazine from Canada that focuses on actresses of the time, heavy on glamour photos. Featured: Julie Christie, Senta Berger, Ann-Margaret, Chris Noel, Marlene Dietrich and more. Other than age coloring, like new.VENUS #1 (1944/Forrest J Ackerman) – Fanzine
Collectibles don’t get RARER than this! A 1944 fanzine, complete but with a few loose pages, no tears etc…just age tanning. A sci-fi, horror story fanzine, illustrated. Features stories by Forrest J Ackerman, Leigh Brackett, Glen Daniels, more! Produced by the Los Angeles Sci-Fi Society.Get these now…..they are most likely the very last surviving copies of these fan publications. VENUS, in particular, is of significant sci-fi history from 1944.You’ll find them in the Miscellaneous Department within our Creepy Magazine Newsstand at Creepy Classics.BlackSabbathBRBack in Stock! Bashin’ Bava Horror…This selection of Mario Bava Italian horror on Blu-Ray, now available at Creepy Classics:BLACK SABBATH (1964/AIP American Version) – Blu-Ray
A trio of horrifying tales told in wrap-arounds by Boris Karloff. The first story – “A Drip of Water,” never fails to raise the hair on the back of my neck. Try watching it alone very late at night. The second story features a phantom who continues to phone a woman late at night. The final story features Karloff in a Mario Bava mini-classic of vampirism. THIS IS THE A.I.P. American version of the film in English. Widescreen, trailer.KILL BABY, KILL (1966) – Blu-Ray
It’s Transylvania (and you know THAT can’t be good!) and a series of murders is attributed to an age-old curse. The ghost of a young girl is seen from shadows and windows. This Italian Gothic will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Directed by Mario (BLACK SUNDAY) Bava. Many extras!BLACK SUNDAY (American AIP version) – Blu-Ray
Stars Barbara Steele, John Richardson and Ivo Garrani. A witch/vampire has an iron mask pounded on her face, then is burned at the stake. She was having a REALLY bad day. Years later her remains are found by travelers in the ruins of an old crypt on the countryside. A bad set of circumstances has the witch and her cohort vampire returning from the dead. Terror strikes the lives of people in a castle as the witch tries to take over a young girl’s soul. Really atmospheric photography from Mario Bava. Steele shines. This is the American release version from A.I.P. Studios!CALTIKI – THE IMMORTAL MONSTER (1959) – Blu-Ray & DVD Combo
Mario Bava’s (Cinematographer) blob-monster movie. Weird cosmic forces at work near a Mayan temple…a monster is the result. Evil from an ancient civilization is unleashed. A man is transformed into an insane killer and an insatiable blob-like creature eats human flesh and grows gigantic. Eerie atmosphere and great scenes. Packed with extras, packed! Blu-Rat disc and HD DVD disc included in this double pack.PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES (1965) – Blu-Ray
Italian Mario Bava space Gothic. Astronauts land on planet, only to be slowly turned into vampires themselves. Weird photography, creepy sets and fast pacing make this pretty cool. Audio commentary by Tim Lucas, trailers, stills and more.BARON BLOOD (1972) – Blu-Ray
Mario Bava directed this modern day update of his classic BLACK SUNDAY. With Joseph Cotton as an evil warlock who is reincarnated and living in an old castle. Visitors are not made welcome! Mastered in HD.BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (1964) – Blu-Ray/DVD Combo (2 discs)
A metal clawed killer is on the prowl. Beautiful models are his victims. A quality great print of this Mario Bava cult classic. Stars Cameron Mitchell. Directed by Mario Bava. 2-Disc Special Edition, Uncut, widescreen original version. Packed to the brim with extras!Get them in our Creepy Blu-Ray Department…when you creep into Creepy Classics!SpacewayJanuary1969New! Vintage Digest Featuring Forrest J Ackerman and Paul BlaisdellHere’s a rare treat…an appearance by Forrest J Ackerman and monster creator Paul Blaisdell art in this digest magazine:SPACEWAY (January 1969/Forrest J Ackerman) – Digest Magazine
This vintage digest is of particular interest, besides great classic science fiction stories. “A Letter from Mr. Sci-Fi” is a article written by Forrest J Ackerman with photo from his office and a story beautifully illustrated by Paul Blaisdell. Only the very slightest wear. Really nice condition.Only one copy of this on the shelves, be the one to snag it now….it’s in our Vintage Digest Magazine Department here at Creepy Classics.markofthevampire-wingsRe-Shocked! Magic Image Books Re-Stocked…Back in stock, three definitive books on the movies we love…and the COUNTESS DRACULA is a very special edition by Carroll Borland with Greg Mank:COUNTESS DRACULA (Carroll Borland) – Magic Image Filmbook
This special Magic Image Filmbook on MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935) actress Carroll Borland and her story. Her relationship ship with Bela Lugosi, the amazing deleted scenes from the 1935 film, rare photos. An amazing history from Greg Mank and Carroll herself. Plus, her novel COUNTESS DRACULA!HOUSE OF DRACULA – Magic Image Filmbook
Magic Image Filmbook series issue of HOUSE OF DRACULA! The 1945 classic monster rally with Lon Chaney, John Carradine, Glenn Strange and Jane Adams! The definitive source on the film. Includes: shooting script, history by Greg Mank, Intro by John Carradine, Jane Adams interview. Rare photos!HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1944) – Magic Image Filmbook
The classic Universal Monster Fest! The original shooting script from the vaults of Universal Studios. Background from historian Greg Mank. Interview with actress Elena Verdugo. Introduction by actor Peter Coe, commentary by Glenn Strange. Rare photos. Publicity art. Packed big book.Get the above Magic Image Books (oversize magazine publications), plus there are many more available like DRACULA (1931), THE WOLF MAN (1941), THE BLACK CAT (1934), THE MUMMY’S CURSE (1944) and many more. See them all in our MAGIC IMAGE FILMBOOK Department here at Creepy Classics.marilyn-monroe-reads-MBMB40cMONSTER BASH is for MONSTER KIDS everywhere of every age!Make Sure You’re Caught Up On Your MONSTER BASH Magazine Collection! Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, Creature From the Black Lagoon, King Kong, The Phantom of the Opera, Mr. Hyde…they’re all here, at home in MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE.Collect them all….CLICK HERE to see all the issues. Get them right from the publisher (us!), new glossy mags shipped bagged and boarded for protection to you!All at Creepy Classics, right now!CandidMonsters8Back in Stock! The Big LOST IN SPACE Robot Model KitGet the latest issue of the big magazine/book CANDID MONSTERS now….here and ready to ship to you right away:CANDID MONSTERS #8 – Magazine Book
Book-size, giant publication on the behind-the-scenes of our favorite classic monsters. This issue spotlights the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and designer Milicent Patrick, THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, THE FLY, THE COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK and is packed with actor interviews and photos from the films!Get every issue (all available) right now by zipping over to our CANDID MONSTERS Department in our Creepy Magazine Newsstand at Creepy Classics…all ready to ship to you on the backs of our speedy vampire bat air force.PhantomSquareNew! Square Box Glow Phantom Model KitIt’s back from your childhood past…the classic Aurora design square box glow model kit:PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (Square Box) – Model Kit
Classic Aurora design and retro pop glow-in-the-dark model kit! The horrifying MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES Phantom image shocks and glows! His poor prisoner behind bars in the cellar of the opera house! 1/8 scale, about 10 inches tall. Assembly required, all plastic kit. Paint and glue not included.Get it now in our Models, Toys and Action Figures Department at Creepy Classics…we deliver monsters to your door!COF25bFrankensteinTalksNew! More Back Issues of the Original CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEINThese classic monster magazines are in the racks now at Creepy Classics:CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN #14 – Magazine
In this classic issue from editor Calvin Beck: STAR TREK, KING KONG ESCAPES, Ray Harryhausen’s VALLEY OF GWANGI, Interview with Ray Bradbury, FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED with Peter Cushing and much more!CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN #16 – Magazine
Calvin Beck’s classic horror movie mag! In this issue: WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH, The History of Horror Films, Robert “Psycho” Bloch, Vampire films and more.CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN #23 – Magazine
The classic Calvin Beck monster magazine! In this issue: Return to the Planet of the Apes, Roger Corman Interview, George Pal’s DOC SAVAGE, Beverly Garland in NOT OF THIS EARTH and much more! Great condition!CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN #24 – Magazine
The classic Calvin Beck monster movie magazine. This one, like fresh off the newsstand in 1974, great condition. Inside: Boris Karloff Memorial Spotlight, THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN from Hammer, The $25,000 Monster, FREAKS and THE MUTATIONS, Linda Blair and more.CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN #25 – Magazine
One of the harder to find issues and this one is like new in condition. Like right off the newsstand in 1975. Inside this issue: THE NIGHT STALKER, TIME MACHINE’s Creator George Pal, THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, Andy Warhol’s FRANKENSTEIN and more.Get them from the Creepy Classics Magazine Newsstand in our CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN Department here at your home of classic monsters…Creepy Classics!….and now, photos of the fun from our past MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE shows! Our next planned MONSTER BASH (R) is June 18-20, 2021 at the Double Tree Hotel in Mars, PA. Stay up-to-date with all our future MONSTER BASH Shows:DaveHeywoodwithTomSaviniDealerRoomAisle1DealerRoomEarlySaturdayMornDealsInTheDealerRoomDerekKochJaninaFayeDonMegowanFrankDonSmeraldiDonSmeraldiSmilesDracsDaughterCardDriveInFunDrLaos-BillAndTonyEnteringErikOmlandJoeyVentoExecutionerAndBruceMonster Bash….good times, good monsters and great times!Monster Bash June 2021Monster Bash Bela Lugosi Film FestMonster Bash Admission MembershipsMonster Bash Vendor TablesShop 1000s of Classic Monster Items ©2020 Adams | Ron Adams Media, P.O. Box 23, Ligonier, PA 15658Web Version  Preferences  Forward  Unsubscribe  
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The Curse of Frankenstein

Monster Book Club

Old-timey monster movie fans already know the story: Boris Karloff wasn’t the first choice to play Frankenstein’s monster back in 1931. The folks at Universal Pictures wanted to cast Bela Lugosi, fresh from the success of his Dracula performance.

Apparently the original screen test didn’t go very well for the Hungarian-born actor. Depending on what you’ve read, Lugosi either looked like Prince Valiant or Buster Brown. Reportedly, his on-screen reveal was more laughable than scary.

Thus Boris Karloff got the iconic part—and the rest was celluloid history. Frankenstein was a big hit and kept the stately British actor rich and comfortable for the rest of his life. “My dear old monster,” Karloff said at the time. “I owe everything to him.” For Lugosi it was the beginning of a long slide into Grade Z pictures, drug addiction, unemployment and a squalid death.

Over the years, the Lugosi screen test has…

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UNIVERSAL HORROR: The Legacy of the original ‘Monster Movies’


Bela Lugosi will always live as Dracula
photo courtesy of syfy.com

‘Universal Horror’ was the very first shared franchise in film that ran successfully from the late 1920’s to the early 1950’s. The studio gave the world the visual embodiment of some of the greatest characters in literature with Bela Lugosi as ‘Count Dracula’ and Boris Karloff as the ‘Monster’ in Frankenstein. While theses two images stray somewhat dramatically from the original characters from the classic novels it has not stopped the public image that still exists of Lugosi and Karloff as ‘Monsters’, only proving how powerful the impact of ‘Universal Horror’ has been on the world. While these films are certainly classic and have stood the test of time on their own merits they clearly have been surpassed by contemporary horror films. John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN, considered by many to be the gold standard of horror movies owes much to its ‘original talkie’ predecessors.

Dracula and

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THE DOCTOR IS IN: Dr. Caligari, Hannibal Lecter, & the portrayal of the ‘Evil’ Psychologist


Hannibal Lecter - Home | Facebook
photo courtesy of facebook

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Wikipedia
photo courtesy of wikipedia

“You all think I’m insane! It isn’t true! It’s the doctor who’s insane!” – Francis, ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’

The Horror film may be the most popular genre of all films. Slashers, Zombies, Demons all haunt our dreams and force us to watch the movies with the lights on, sometimes. Of all the famous evil characters from Nosferatu to Michael Myers, are any of them more terrifying than the ‘Evil’ Doctor? Two legendary characters from legendary films prove that the answer very well could be No.

In 1920, a film was produced in Germany that has been unparalleled in the 100 years that have passed. The film, ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’, is so rich in content from its abstract sets to the chilling acting by its two stars, Werner Krauss(Dr. Caligari) and Conrad Veidt(Cesare, the Somnambulist). The story is…

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