RETURN OF THE MONSTER, Well… Monsters After Midnight.

Greetings classic monster fans. It’s been a very long, weird and trying year for all of humanity. One things for sure, despite the many set backs that we are seeing in the world. I’m still glad that I live in a country and state where I’m allowed my freedoms. I stopped writing and producing monsters after midnight after I went into a slump (depression) about everything that was going on in The world. It appeared to me that we were almost living in a John Carpenter movie. And I still feel that way. I was also fairly disenchanted with certain things coming from Hollywood and disgusted with the politics that flooded the movie industry. So I stopped writing, let the blog lapse, shut down our Facebook page, left several online classic horror groups and sold off two thirds of my classic horror collection. You might say, I was just about done.

I’m originally from Chicago, and I’m a huge Svengoolie fan. So I still stopped by METV every Saturday evening and got classic monster fix. I also belong to a Svengoolie fan page online. I go on the Sven page a chat with fellow Sven fans while watching the movie nearly every saturday. I also stayed in touch with an online friend, Stefanie Yates. She is also known as Carlita from the online TV duo horror host team Drac and Carlita.

I began to see Stefanie posting snipits about various classic monster movies. I liked her personal touch. So I asked her if I could post these on monsters after midnight. And gave me permission to do so. Stefanie was an inspiration to me me. I appreciate her friendship and strength. On another note, despite being inactive most of 2021. Monsters After Midnight still managed to get around 3000 readers who stopped by. To our fans. I say thank you.

Gene Stevens

Monsters After Midnight

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