RETURN OF THE MONSTER, Well… Monsters After Midnight.

Greetings classic monster fans. It’s been a very long, weird and trying year for all of humanity. One things for sure, despite the many set backs that we are seeing in the world. I’m still glad that I live in a country and state where I’m allowed my freedoms. I stopped writing and producing monsters after midnight after I went into a slump (depression) about everything that was going on in The world. It appeared to me that we were almost living in a John Carpenter movie. And I still feel that way. I was also fairly disenchanted with certain things coming from Hollywood and disgusted with the politics that flooded the movie industry. So I stopped writing, let the blog lapse, shut down our Facebook page, left several online classic horror groups and sold off two thirds of my classic horror collection. You might say, I was just about done.

I’m originally from Chicago, and I’m a huge Svengoolie fan. So I still stopped by METV every Saturday evening and got classic monster fix. I also belong to a Svengoolie fan page online. I go on the Sven page a chat with fellow Sven fans while watching the movie nearly every saturday. I also stayed in touch with an online friend, Stefanie Yates. She is also known as Carlita from the online TV duo horror host team Drac and Carlita.

I began to see Stefanie posting snipits about various classic monster movies. I liked her personal touch. So I asked her if I could post these on monsters after midnight. And gave me permission to do so. Stefanie was an inspiration to me me. I appreciate her friendship and strength. On another note, despite being inactive most of 2021. Monsters After Midnight still managed to get around 3000 readers who stopped by. To our fans. I say thank you.

Gene Stevens

Monsters After Midnight

Movies I like, THe Raven; By Stefanie Yates

My film for today is “The Raven” starting Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.
Next to The Black Cat, it’s one of the best things that Bela and Boris did together.
I always wonder, however, why Jack Pierce did such a BAD job on Karloff’s face 🤔 ???

And goodness!
Bela is every bit BELA— sinister, vengeful, romantic, dominating, and full of his usual sarcasm, accompanied by that little smirk.
He’s in VERY good form here.
And Louis Friedlander (Lew Landers) directed both these fellas beautifully.
See what I mean by clicking the link below…. 🖤😏

Phantom of The Opera… By Stefanie Yates

My classic horror film for today is another of my absolute favorites—
The Phantom of the Opera (1925) starring Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, and Arthur Edmund Carewe.
I remember the first time I saw this movie, the scene where Erik takes a stroll underwater to “send away the caller” really struck me. And fortunately, the print I saw of it had the most beautiful rooftop scene that I have ever found. The print quality and color was fantastic.

Well, you’ll get to see that gorgeous rooftop scene, if you like, on Halloween eve.
We will be showing our presentation of “Phantom of the Opera” (complete with a newly arranged score by me) on Transylvania Tonight October 30th at 10PM EST at 🖤

You can watch it online or on Roku.
For Roku, just go to your Account page, scroll down to “add channel with a code” and type in CX9QHP

I hope you will join us for our presentation of “Phantom of the Opera”. I think it’s going to be another great show, and I really did pour so much of my heart into scoring the film.
I really hope that you will like it.